The Impacts of Energy Development: How Can Science Help Us?

Oct 25, 2013

A RESOLVE Webinar Illustrating the Usefulness of the Joint Fact Finding (JFF) Process for Energy Development

As a landowner in northeast Pennsylvania, I have tried to become informed about hydraulic fracturing for the capture of natural gas. My thirty-acre farm lies on the edge of the Marcellus shale deposits, in the bucolic Endless Mountains with rolling hills of field and woodland, trout-filled streams and spring-fed lakes, and state parks and gamelands enjoyed by visitors from around the world. This little piece of paradise needs to be protected from careless exploitation. However, as a conscientious citizen of the world, I would also like to see theUnited Statesmove toward a petroleum-neutralMiddle Eastpolicy and to a more sustainable energy agenda.

So how does a lay person make sense of all the conflicting data about this new technology? A joint fact finding (JFF) process, bringing together interested parties, would be useful not just for the big players in this emerging energy field, but for small stakeholders as well. Next Tuesday (October 29,12:00 – 1:30 PM Eastern), RESOLVE will host a webinar illustrating a consensus-based approach to such complex issues. Local and immediate concerns such as water and air quality impacts and noise and light pollution from drill sites and compressor stations could be properly addressed in this fashion and help to determine best policies and practices.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, NGO, government representative, or corporate stakeholder, a JFF approach may work for you.

If interested, please register for the webinar here.

-        Kathy Arcuri, RESOLVE Volunteer

Kathy Arcuri is a RESOLVE volunteer.  She writes blog posts on RESOLVE’s work from her own perspective.


  1. Joy Hockman says:

    It’s helpful to read commentary from a “layman” as this makes the information accessible to me. Kathy Arcuri’s blog entry was helpful because as a landowner myself, I have often wondered how to get somewhat unbiased information on fracking. A joint fact finding process sounds like just the thing to help with this.

  2. Dana Goodson says:

    Hi Joy,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree that JFF has a lot of potential for groups looking at hydraulic fracturing. If you’d like more information on JFF or have a specific situation you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact me: or 202-965-6209. Thanks!


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