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Expansion of Solutions for Hope Platform

Oct 30, 2014

As you may have seen in yesterday’s press release, RESOLVE recently received a grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation to support the expansion of the Solutions for Hope platform. You can read the story of Solutions for Hope here, but the short story is that it was conceived in 2011 when, because of legitimate concerns about conflict minerals, many companies were refusing to source from the DRC. A de facto trade embargo would have significant implications for the livelihoods of the millions of ASM miners in the DRC, and Solutions for Hope was initiated by Motorola Solutions and AVX as a pilot project to demonstrate that companies could source legal, conflict-free tantalum  from the DRC while meeting their due diligence responsibilities.

The pilot was a success and gathered the attention and participation of a number of leading electronics companies. The Conflict-Free Tin Initiative launched shortly after, aiming to apply the Solutions for Hope model to tin. Now, working with leaders from both initiatives, and with this support from Motorola Solutions Foundation, we are building on the successes and lessons to expand the platform to other minerals and geographies.

It’s a busy but exciting time! We are identifying applications in the African Great Lakes Region on gold, and we’re planning pilots to develop verifiable conflict-free supply chains in Colombia. RESOLVE President Steve D’Esposito and former Canadian Ambassador Tim Martin recently published an article on the evolution of supply chain initiatives over the last 15 years and the continuing need for multi-sector interventions to support capacity building in conflict-affected regions.

Motorola Solutions Director of Supply Chain Corporate Responsibility Mike Loch will be talking about these issues and the future of the Solutions for Hope platform tomorrow as part of an event hosted by the Ford Foundation and chaired by UN Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region, Mary Robinson. The event, called “Managing Congo’s Natural Resource Wealth: From Plunder to Shared Prosperity” can be live streamed below.

Watch live streaming video from fordfound at
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My Summer Internship at RESOLVE

Oct 29, 2014

Erica and Dana

Photo: Dana Goodson and Erica Bucki at RESOLVE

What struck me first about RESOLVE was the size of the organization. I had perused the website quite a few times, and I was confused about how such a small organization could have its hands in so many different parts of the world. From day one I was kept busy, and not just with files and copies (although I did do my fair share of that too!). Starting right up with the Community Health and Shale Development Guidebook, I felt like I was actually making a difference and valued on the project, a feeling that very few people have with their first summer internship, especially as an undergrad. I was treated with respect in the office, and I could tell that my thoughts, opinions, critiques and questions were all valued. I was the email correspondent for several health issues covered in the guidebook – light pollution and radioactive waste management being a few of them – and I was able to use the information I had learned in my classes directly (how rare)!

The office itself has been unbelievably kind and welcoming, and everyone was more than willing to give me a piece of advice as I go into my senior year of college and beyond that to the real world. This experience has been a good one in many ways, but the aspect of this internship I feel best about is being able to work with a company that shares the same values I do. I hear frequently from peers that their internships are boring and just another thing to put on a resume, and I just can’t say the same. I firmly believe that the work going on here at RESOLVE is doing things in the world of environmental and public health, and that shared passion has made the work I have done seem worthwhile. Thanks to the RESOLVE team for making my summer in Washington, DC so enjoyable!

- Erica Bucki

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Solutions for Hope Program to grow with new grant from Motorola Solutions

Oct 28, 2014

For printable press release, click here.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), today announced a grant to RESOLVE to help expand the Solutions for Hope platform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Colombia and other countries. Through Solutions for Hope, companies, civil society organizations and governments partner to build responsible minerals supply chains from regions where due diligence and market access are limited by both armed conflict and supply chains with limited transparency.

The Solutions for Hope model has proven effective in providing electronics companies with the first supplies of verified conflict-free tantalum used in their products. It aligns downstream companies’ needs for transparency and reporting compliance with regional stakeholders’ needs for development and capacity-building. Responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict regions can allow companies to support and contribute to peacebuilding, reducing armed conflict and violence while meeting their businesses’ supply chain needs.

Solutions for Hope was first piloted in the DRC by Motorola Solutions and AVX, which publicly committed to establishing a responsible “closed pipe” tantalum supply chain from mine to smelter to component manufacturer to original equipment manufacturer. In the DRC, the Solutions for Hope approach was designed to work within developing regional systems, such as the framework of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region Regional Certification Mechanism, and utilized proven systems such as the Conflict-Free Smelter Program to support due diligence and a traceable, auditable supply chain.

The newly expanded Solutions for Hope platform will seek to pilot the Solutions for Hope approach with other minerals and regions. With support from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, RESOLVE initiated a program in Colombia to support transparency in that nation’s gold, tantalum and tungsten sectors in tandem with peacebuilding and economic development efforts.

“RESOLVE is excited to continue to support and expand the Solutions for Hope platform,” said Stephen D’Esposito, RESOLVE president. “Solutions for Hope is a leadership platform for companies and NGOs. Participants who join are anxious for results, and they’re willing to roll up their sleeves and engage in trial-and-error to get results. Motorola Solutions, AVX and the Enough Project have demonstrated leadership in the DRC. Ongoing expansion of the platform with participation from actors across the supply chain will advance responsible sourcing in conflict and high risk areas.”

“The support and participation by companies like Motorola Solutions sends clear signals of downstream interest in verifiable conflict-free minerals,” said Tim Martin, former Canadian ambassador to Colombia, and a RESOLVE strategic partner. “Solutions for Hope is an asset. It supports Colombia’s interest in OECD membership, builds valuable global partnerships, and seeks to build tools that are right for Colombia.”

“We are very pleased to be part of the expansion of the Solutions for Hope platform,” said Matt Blakely, director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation. “The Solutions for Hope model demonstrates that companies can make a meaningful contribution to peace building while improving certainty of supply and cost, as well as increased supply chain transparency. With this grant to RESOLVE, we are supporting the expansion of this proven model to other minerals in the DRC’s Great Lakes region and to other geographies affected by conflict.”

Pilots will focus on testing validation approaches with local refineries, supporting formalization programs, providing a sourcing opportunity for artisanal scale miners and cooperatives meeting conflict-free standards; and capacity-building at all levels of the supply chain.


Website:              Solutions for Hope 
Website:              RESOLVE, Inc. 
Website:              Motorola Solutions
Article:              “Conflict Minerals, Ethical Supply Chains, and Peace” by D’Esposito and Martin
Article:              “Taking the Conflict out of Conflict Minerals” by Loch  

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About Motorola Solutions Foundation

The Motorola Solutions Foundation is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions. With employees located around the globe, Motorola Solutions seeks to benefit the communities where it operates. The company achieves this by making strategic grants, forging strong community partnerships and fostering innovation.

About Motorola Solutions
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RESOLVE ( is a Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit that builds strong, enduring solutions to complex environmental, social, and health challenges. RESOLVE helps community, business, government, and NGO leaders get results and create lasting relationships through collaboration. RESOLVE is an independent organization with over thirty years of success building collaborative solutions.

About Solutions for Hope

Solutions for Hope is a platform that supports companies, civil society organizations and governments working together to responsibly source minerals from regions experiencing conflict and where market access is limited by opaque supply chains. The program manages risk for participating companies and offers recognition for participation. The Solutions for Hope model is being explored for further expansion to gold and to other locations where increased transparency, traceability and supply chain due diligence is sought for tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. The Solutions for Hope program is part of RESOLVE’s Solutions Network.

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Energy Shift: Proactive Collaboration for the Future of Energy

Oct 22, 2014

The shift to a low-carbon economy is urgent and the need for innovation across sectors is necessary in order to meet this daunting challenge. Energy Shift is a new initiative of the RESOLVE Solutions Network, developed in cooperation with the Pembina institute, and Hoggard Films that aims to set the table for fruitful discourse between parties that are unaccustomed to listening to one another.  The project’s inspiration is a correspondence between John Hofmeister, former CEO of Shell NA, and project co-lead Amy Larkin, former Director of Greenpeace Solutions, in which the two acknowledged how much they had to learn from each other and eagerly sought one another’s insights.

By convening discordant parties from across the spectrum of viewpoints and expertise, Energy Shift seeks to identify leverage points where unusual allies can build and test solutions–significant but actionable projects (such as accelerated depreciation for green infrastructure) that support a transition, build momentum, and build confidence that progress is possible.

- Meg Perry

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RESOLVE featured in Intel’s In Pursuit of Conflict-Free Campaign

Oct 15, 2014

RESOLVE has been working with Intel and others over the last 5 years to achieve ethical, conflict free supply chains for minerals. RESOLVE is a featured organization in Intel’s In Pursuit of Conflict-Free campaign. Developed by Intel as part of that campaign, this short digital animation tells the story of the minerals we use in daily life and why Intel and RESOLVE are so actively working to promote awareness and find solutions to support conflict free sourcing.  Check it out: 

Since 2008, RESOLVE has worked with a range of stakeholders from business, government, and civil society to enable responsible sourcing from conflict-affected regions. RESOLVE coordinates and facilitates the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, which supports supply chain solutions to conflict minerals challenges in the Great Lakes Region (GLR) of Central Africa. RESOLVE is also the home for the Solutions for Hope project, which supports supply chain innovation and capacity building projects Central Africa, Colombia, and elsewhere in pursuit of conflict-free. To get involved, visit to make a donation to RESOLVE in support of the Solutions for Hope platform.

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