Bruce Teeter, Office Coordinator

Bruce Teeter is the Office Coordinator at RESOLVE.  His primary focus is supporting the overall functionality of the RESOLVE team through organizational efficiency, effective communication, and building strong relationships.  Mr. Teeter has worked for 15 years in small and medium-sized businesses management, including running his own start-ups, working alongside managers in high school and college, and joining BBA Solutions Partnership Group as an Assistant and General Manager from 2009 – 2016.

He works daily to blend his creativity and technical background with operations management in ways that will help RESOLVE continue to grow along with the partners and relationships they serve and foster.  Lately, Bruce has refreshed RESOLVE’s quarterly news update, researched and instituted more efficient ways to conduct daily operations, and contributed to the strategic planning for RESOLVE’s future vision and messaging development.

Mr. Teeter completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Design at East Carolina University with a minor in Business Administration.  He combines his technical acuity with his passion for organizational and business development in an effort to create an exciting and efficient working environment at RESOLVE.


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Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Design | East Carolina University – 2008

Minor, Business Administration | East Carolina University  - 20008