Serious Play = Serious Change

Feb 24, 2012

Remember Serious Play? The Lower Duwamish waterway cleanup has begun and we are proud to have helped in the process that led to the communities, manufacturers, businesses, and government agencies getting to this point. The City of Seattle has some more information about the cleanup here including a video showing a river otter feeling “right at home on the newly restored section of the Lower Duwamish”. RESOLVE is involved in many ecosystem restoration projects, and it’s both encouraging and gratifying to watch the video.

- Jason Gershowitz

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Serious Play Demonstration [Video]

Sep 7, 2011

Martha Bean narrates a demonstration of Serious Play.

Get the full story here.

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Take a tour of our new website…

Mar 23, 2011

A quick video introduction to RESOLVE’s new website: (Click the photo to launch the video)


- Jason Gershowitz

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Power Dynamics in Collaboration Discussion Series – Part 1

May 5, 2010

Mediation is a Field: Shared Ideological Framework of Power
Power is a fundamental concept for facilitators and mediators. In conversations, mediators talk about power when they discuss their cases, their decisions about what tactics and strategies they used, and what the impact of their practice is on individual and broader social change.

Check out this interview of Dr. Juliana Birkhoff from 2006 where she explains how her dissertation demonstrates mediation is in fact a field and that what is uniting among experienced mediators is the concept of power.

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