Strategic Partner Mike Loch #1 | PPA Members among Top Conflict Minerals Influence Leaders

Mar 24, 2016

Congratulations to RESOLVE Strategic Partner Mike Loch, who was recognized as the #1 Conflict Minerals Influence Leader in 2016. Mike’s longstanding leadership includes highlights such as serving as the co-chair of the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative for over 7 years; leading the development and launch of the first Solutions for Hope pilots, and helping to establish and serving on the Governance Committee of the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA), for whom RESOLVE serves as Secretariat.

Along with Mike, current and former PPA members comprised 20% of the list, including Carrie George (Apple), Kelly Katynski (Ford Motor Company), Sophia Pickles (Global Witness), and Sasha Lezhnev (Enough Project) – all Governance Committee members; and Gary Niekerk and Bryan Fiereck (Intel), Yves Bawa (Pact), Leah Butler (EICC), Kay Nimmo (ITRI), Benedict Cohen (Boeing), John Plyler (Blackberry), Tim Mohin (AMD), Jay Celorie (Hewlett-Packard), Anita Gobor (Microsoft), Patricia Jurewicz (Responsible Sourcing Network), Joanne Lebert (Partnership Africa Canada), Mikko Suorsa (Nokia), Fiona Southward (IPIS), and Herbert Lust (formerly Boeing).

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Video – Progress on Conflict Minerals

Jul 30, 2013

Five years ago, when Motorola Solutions and other tech companies started to work proactively to address the issue of so called “conflict minerals” – tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold – some said solutions like this were unrealistic or unlikely to have meaningful impacts.  The argument went something like this—“How can companies reach into their supply chains and have an impact in DRC when they don’t even know which minerals are in their components?”  Five years later, Motorola Solutions’ Corporate VP and Chief Procurement Officer Rich Valin is speaking about the positive impact efforts like Solutions for Hope have produced to encourage peace and development in the DRC.

RESOLVE hosts several other efforts working on this issue, including the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative, and the Conflict Free Smelter Early Adopters Fund. Click here to learn more about RESOLVE’s early supply chain mapping research and resulting report.

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Certification Assessment releases final report

Jun 29, 2012

This week, RESOLVE completed a cornerstone project assessing the state-of-knowledge on the sustainability impact of natural resource certification. Over the past 2+ years, RESOLVE has recruited a multi-sector sector committee (of 12 executives/experts from business, NGOs, and academia), designed a complex collaborative research program, served as project Secretariat to the committee, and negotiated complex, challenging issues that surfaced as they examined what is known about the impacts of certification and how it is used by businesses, civil society, and governments. On behalf of the committee, RESOLVE just released a consensus report, Toward Sustainability; the press release details the findings of the report.

Led by Vice President of Program Development and Senior Mediator, Abby Dilley, the team also included Senior Mediator Jen Peyser and Senior Associate Taylor Kennedy, with guidance from President Steve D’Esposito. To give you a flavor our work on this project, the RESOLVE team:

  • Recruited the steering committee, with guidance from funders and on-coming members
  • Designed and facilitated a series of group dialogues, one-on-one consultations, and calls
  • Framed issues and organized complex, tough Steering Committee discussions so that the Committee reached key decisions and milestones
  • Prepared substantive reports and analysis to support the Steering Committee and commissioned supporting research
  • Oversaw and advised technical and policy experts to inform Steering Committee deliberations and decisions
  • Drafted and negotiated report language and policy alternatives
  • Designed and conducted a peer review process involving 30 reviewers, and compiling and synthesizing the feedback for anonymous presentation to the Steering Committee for consideration
  • Brokered a Steering Committee consensus
  • Coordinated outreach and distribution efforts throughout the development and release of the report to gather input from additional stakeholders
  • Oversaw and assisted final graphic production of a 400+ page final report

It’s been nice to get some very positive feedback, after a very challenging process:

  • The steering committee included this in the Acknowledgements section of the report: “Without the immense commitment of Abby Dilley, Jennifer Peyser, and Taylor Kennedy (RESOLVE) in facilitating this process and keeping us on track through our deliberations, we would not have been able to deliver this report.”
  • “Congratulations on shepherding this project through to completion.. it must have been a rather large task to coordinate. Well done. And thanks for facilitating what I’m sure will be an important contribution to the policy discussion on the future of certification.” – from a contributing researcher



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Voluntary Governance

Apr 4, 2012

Yesterday’s blog post on a new RESOLVE pilot project highlights one example of voluntary collaboration among businesses to develop tools for addressing urgent environmental and social challenges.

In this era of globalization, supply chain dynamics are complex and often opaque. The Conflict-Free Smelter Program, along with the Public Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals, and mineral mapping initiatives by the electronics industry aim to make supply chains more transparent, as well as environmentally and socially sustainable. These are just a few of RESOLVE’s projects supporting voluntary governance initiatives. We are also:

  • Helping to expand avenues for civil society engagement with the Climate Investment Funds, a joint initiative of five multilateral development banks housed at the World Bank
  • Advising extractives companies, civil society organizations, and agencies on best practices for stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution
  • Facilitating a state-of-knowledge assessment on the impact and performance of sustainability labels such as the Forest Stewardship Council, Marine Stewardship Council, Utz, and FairTrade.

To learn more about these projects and our other voluntary governance work, check out our website.

- Taylor Kennedy

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