Healthy People and Communities

RESOLVE has worked on thousands of projects over the past 30 years, helping innumerable stakeholders make public policy decisions collaboratively.

Safe Food on the Table: Produce Safety Project Stakeholders’ Discussion Series

RESOLVE partnered with the Produce Safety Project to support its mission to ensure produce safety in the U.S. food system. In conjunction with the project’s sponsors, The Pew Charitable Trusts and Georgetown University, RESOLVE designed and facilitated regional meetings in New York, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, and California in 2010. The series sought to use the expertise and current practices of growers to guide FDA’s forthcoming rule on produce safety standards. Extension educators, food retailers, consultants, and produce trade associations also participated in the meetings, which covered a range of issues including: irrigation and foliar contact water quality; wildlife and environmental concerns; composting issues; and worker health and hygiene.

Healthy Children: Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee

From 1997 to 2009, RESOLVE facilitated a U.S. Federal Advisory Committee that strengthens EPA’s rulemaking, research, and policy development in order to better protect children’s health. RESOLVE guided the committee of public health advocates, corporate medical experts, environmental advocates, state environmental agency staff, public and private water facility staff, and risk assessors to consensus recommendations on issues including lead safety standards, siting of school facilities, and pediatric health.

Consensus Policy on Biotech: Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology for the 21st Century

RESOLVE facilitated a committee chartered in 2003 by the U.S Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Secretary Veneman to guide USDA’s preparation for the presence of biotechnology in the U.S. food system. With RESOLVE’s assistance, this Federal Advisory Committee comprised of growers, technology providers, food manufacturers, environmentalists, and representatives from the seed industry, consumer organizations, and academia drafted consensus reports to the Secretaries of Agriculture over a five-year time frame presenting consensus-based policy guidance. These reports project future products of agricultural biotechnology, highlight key issues such as traceability and labeling in the global market, and make recommendations for how USDA can best prepare for these products.

Biotech and the US Food Supply: The Pew Initiative on Food & Biotechnology Stakeholder Forum

From 2001 to 2003, RESOLVE facilitated a forum for the Pew Foundation that aimed to protect human health and the environment by findings solutions to the issue of  biotechnology’s impact on the U.S. food system. RESOLVE negotiated outcomes that drew from the interests of environmental groups, industry, farmers, academia, and consumers to create consensus recommendations for regulatory policy.

Ensuring the Safety of Animal Products: Food Safety and Inspection Service Stakeholder Input

From 2006 to 2007, RESOLVE collaborated with the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) to improve meat inspection. FSIS sought stakeholder input to replace traditional meat inspection services for meat and poultry slaughter with a risk-based system for allocating resources. RESOLVE provided design consultation and facilitation for the stakeholder input process. The results of one-on-one interviews, feedback sessions, public workshops, and electronic comment mechanisms were compiled in an extensive report that summarized and analyzed key issues identified by stakeholders and made recommendations to FSIS on future stakeholder engagement efforts.