Everyone who manages projects, leads a team, or conducts meetings needs to know how to lead a group productively. In this course, you will learn group dynamics, how to structure meetings, and manage interactions so groups function effectively and make high-quality decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement
Do you need to reach out to stakeholders and build trusting relationships? Stakeholder engagement training helps you identify who to reach out to and how to establish successful relationships.

Collaborative Leadership
Collaborative leaders are in every organization, company, and government agency. These leaders can build teams and solve problems collaboratively. This interactive workshop builds on your leadership potential, practicing new skills to build your capacity to foster new stretch you to new and larger partnerships.

Partnerships and Coalitions
When and how should you partner with corporations or NGO’s? How should your government agency collaborate to implement a program or solve a problem? In this training, you will learn how and when to partner, how to fix challenging partnerships, and how to establish and maintain momentum with your partners. You will identify challenges and strategies to achieve success.

Dealing with Conflict
Every organization, corporation, and government agency has disputes and conflicts. However, not everyone has productive approaches and skills to deal with conflict. This training helps individuals and groups strengthen relationships and develop agreements by learning how to understand conflict and practicing conflict resolution skills.

Effective Negotiation
We all negotiate—all the time. However, few of us improve our relationships with other negotiators while we achieve good results for our group or ourselves. This training helps you learn how to plan and conduct effective and fair negotiations.

Integrating Scientific and Technical Information in Collaborative Processes (8 hours)
Most natural resource, public health, and environmental issues include complex information as well as lots of people and issues. In this training program, you will learn strategies and practice new skills to knit science and scientists into your planning or decision-making.

Integrating Technology
New technologies allow people to work across time and space to work in partnerships and make collaborative decisions. Our training program equips you to use the best technology for your goals and learn how to smoothly use the most common collaborative technology tools.