Solutions Network

RESOLVE’s Solutions Network mobilizes leaders in business and civil society to incubate and test ideas and turn them into self-sustaining environmental, social, and health solutions. The program builds solutions step-by-step, starting with more achievable projects and then tackling challenges that are more complex. The Solutions Network is a voluntary, virtual network supported by RESOLVE collaborative experts and our network of technical and strategic partners. Members join the Network to work together on pilots–trial and case studies to design and test solutions.

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RESOLVE’s agriculture program is a resource for the agriculture community and for those interested in addressing the critical issues facing the rural and farming communities. RESOLVE offers a unique combination of practical and extensive senior policy experience in farm production, rural, agricultural and food, environmental and regulatory policy with expertise in strategic analysis and planning, consensus-building and collaborative problem solving.

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With a 30-year track record, RESOLVE has developed a unique approach to tackling today’s most complex challenges. Through strategic analysis and information gathering, our collaborative approach leverages expertise and input from a variety of stakeholders to shape policy, build infrastructure, and find enduring, consensus-based solutions to complicated health challenges like strengthening the nation’s public health system, implementing the Affordable Care Act, advancing tobacco regulation and control, keeping the nation’s food supply safe, and more.

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Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions

The Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions (BWS) program targets two of the greatest conservation crises of our time: the approaching extinction of endangered wildlife and the destruction of tropical forests where most of the world’s species resides. BWS combines creative, field-oriented approaches to conservation with the identification, adaptation, and application of innovative science and technology to dramatically improve how we monitor and protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

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Collaborative Science

RESOLVE’s Collaborative Science Program provides technical and scientific services to help establish the “best possible science” for use in decision-making, collaborative processes, and public engagement. When science is uncertain, unknown, or contested, RESOLVE can help stakeholders develop and assess information; verify the quality of the science used to inform decision-making; and facilitate communication between scientists, regulators, and the public.

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Collaborative Technology

The Collaborative Technology Platform includes a suite of technology and communications tools along with training and support for collaborative leaders and stakeholders. Through the Collaborative Technology Tool Shed, the platform leverages a unique, accessible, and efficient suite of RESOLVE tested IT tools, systems, and resources designed to support multi-sector initiatives and other collaborations. With the Collaborative Technology Tool Shed, RESOLVE has identified opportunities to lead technology adoption in the field, helping current partners enhance capacity for collaboration. At a time when financial resources are scarce, and good ideas to solve problems are dispersed, collaborative technologies can expand the problem solving potential and allow for inclusion of more diverse stakeholders.

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