Our Team

Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions (BWS)  has the extensive knowledge, experience, and passion needed to effectively apply information and technology to conserve wildlife across ecosystems and countries. BWS harnesses the talents of a group of accomplished wildlife biologists, engineers, data analysts, trainers, and facilitators, with decades of experience applying technologies to wildlife research and conservation, to improve the management and conservation of endangered wildlife.

Complementing our Core Team at BWS are leading experts in the wildlife science, conservation, and technology fields serving as principal advisers and collaborators. As accomplished conservation biologists and technology experts, this group assists in advising and supporting BWS programs, as well as testing products in the field.

Core Team* and Collaborators

Dr. Eric Dinerstein*

Sanjiv Fernando*


Nathan Hahn*

Dr. Carly Vynne*

Dr. Anup Joshi

Dr. Eric Wikramanayake

Steve Gulick

Alex Chang’a

Jonathan Konuche

Rhett Butler

Dr. Sue Palminteri 

Dr. Nir Tenenbaum






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