Kyran Kunkel

Dr. Kyran Kunkel founded and has directed for over a decade the Conservation Science Collaborative working with agencies, individuals and organizations to implement priority conservation science and action.  He also serves as an affiliate professor in the Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana. Kyran is an affiliate biologist for the Turner Endangered Species Fund and led swift fox and bighorn sheep restoration projects; TESF was recently awarded the US Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Champion Award.  Kyran led brown bear and wolverine research for the National Park Service in Alaska. He also served as senior fellow for WWF leading cougar and pronghorn conservation science projects.  He co-leads the bison restoration program and serves on the National Council for the American Prairie Reserve in Montana. Kyran leads projects on management of carnivore livestock conflicts in the northern Rockies and Nepal.  He is also co-lead on an Asiatic wild dog project in Nepal where he initiated the US Trust for Nature Conservation in Nepal.  Kunkel is currently developing a conservation plan for the Tejon Ranch Conservancy in California, the largest ranch in California and the largest private conservation reserve in the US. 

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