Biodiversity Leadership Forum

BLF assembles a diverse set of stakeholders to promote biodiversity conservation through dialogue and collaboration on producing concrete solutions 


Crisis Inspires Leadership

The Earth’s biodiversity is in the midst of an extinction crisis — the sixth in the history of our planet and the first attributable largely to human activities. The Biodiversity Leadership Forum (BLF) was created to help avert this catastrophic episode.

The BLF will provide a collaborative space for scientists, advocates, and other stakeholders to advance the protection of biodiversity, ensuring it remains in the public eye and a priority in the conservation and development agenda. It will give leaders and stakeholders the opportunity to:

  • Engage in dialogue around current challenges facing biodiversity and opportunities for its conservation
  • Position biodiversity as a critical issue with global opinion leaders and decision-makers and promote scientifically valid decision-making
  • Identify and be a part of concrete actions to create and implement transformative solutions.

Conservationists are most effective when speaking with one voice. Many models of success, such as the Alliance for Zero Extinction, the 1989 ban on elephant ivory, and the united lobbying approach to replenish funds for the Global Environment Facility, demonstrate how a unified effort can affect policy and practice to save species and habitats. Looking forward, the BLF is considering adoption of several inspirational goals and pragmatic interventions that form new partnerships with industry leaders to bolster the constituency for biodiversity protection.

photo by Maya Breitburg-Smith


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