Global Forest Watch-Biodiversity

GFW-B is a collaboration between WRI and RESOLVE that will create a robust, science-based information platform to better monitor and protect forest biodiversity


The Challenge

Forests and the species they support remain under threat, largely due to the conversion of forest to agriculture, especially for oil palm, sugarcane, and pulp and paper. Development along the agricultural frontier is often haphazard, with little or no understanding of the quality of habitat it is replacing. To counter this, conservationists must offer evidence-based alternatives to conversion of natural areas where globally important species and habitats are at greatest risk. To be effective, this information must be timely and widely accessible.

The Response

Global Forest Watch – Biodiversity (GFW–B), a collaboration between RESOLVE and World Resources Institute (WRI), aims to provide timely, accessible, data-based information on the distribution of species and forest habitats to support improved conservation efforts and smart development. GFW–B will build on Global Forest Watch (GFW), WRI’s groundbreaking initiative that mobilizes satellite technology, open data, and human networks to monitor and manage the world’s forests, online and in near-real time. By integrating a wide array of forest-reliant biodiversity data sets into the platform, GFW-B will help governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders plan, manage, and prioritize conservation and development interventions. GFW-B will introduce an entirely new dimension to conservation by creating a dynamic, user-friendly interface for exploring the most up-to-date and relevant datasets available. This innovation will generate new analyses, stories, and insights needed to protect wild nature.

photo by Maya Breitburg-Smith

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