WildTech represents a unique platform designed to catalyze innovations for protecting and monitoring endangered wildlife •


A Hub for Innovation

Focusing on open-source technologies and field-based applications, WildTech creates a space for the collaborative development and evaluation of tools that improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of wildlife management. This new platform will fill a vital niche in the conservation arena, linking field biologists, NGOs, and front-line government agencies with technology experts and companies eager to help build solutions to the mounting crises of wildlife poaching and human-wildlife conflict.

Currently, the application of new technologies for wildlife conservation is unfocused, uncoordinated, costly, and inefficient. WildTech will help to identify, adapt, and develop technologies to fit the needs of biologists and conservationists in the field, as well as provide a collaborative space for sharing ideas among experts.

The Overarching Goals of WildTech Are Two-Fold: 

  • To apply innovative technology to dramatically improve monitoring and protection of endangered wildlife
  • To increase economic incentives for the public to support such efforts. 

We invite NGOs, government agencies, engineers, and technology companies to participate in, and contribute to, the WildTech web platform (launching soon!), where they can be directly linked to conservationists and wildlife authorities on the ground. By providing information and access to the latest technological advances, WildTech empowers numerous conservation organizations simultaneously; supporting WildTech enhances the work of many across the wildlife range countries to improve monitoring and conservation efforts. We aim to add value to current efforts underway for protecting imperiled wildlife by providing a clearinghouse, consortium, and a spirit of collaboration.

Strategic Plan

photo by Melissa Keller



photo by Emily Foden


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