Wildlife Technology Needs Assessment

Wildtech and the BWS team have created the two surveys below to determine the pressing needs of those working to conserve the Earth’s flora and fauna.

The Leading Wildlife Biologists Questionnaire is designed for a selected group of researchers working in conservation biology. This group has been identified based on their position on the front lines of biological research, and their documented use of new technologies.

The Front Line Questionnaire is designed to determine the most pressing needs of researchers, park managers, patrol officers and park rangers, community leaders and NGOs who are working on the front lines of conservation biology and in areas most affected by poaching, human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss. The purpose of this survey is to compile needs and suggestions for technologies that would help with their causes, and communicate these ideas to tech developers and donors to affect real change.

If you have an access code to take one of these questionnaires, please follow the link below to begin filling out the survey!

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