About the Agriculture Program

RESOLVE works with individual companies and grower groups, industry associations, universities, foundations and NGOs, state and federal agencies to assist them in dealing with the challenges they face and in creating opportunities for find collaborative solutions. Among the services that RESOLVE can provide are:

    • Developing consensus on complicated issues among multiple public and/or private organizations with conflicting goals and purposes
    • Conducting a situational analysis of complex situations and supporting implementation of well-crafted strategies
    • Providing expertise in organizing and implementing projects that engage partnerships multiple organizations resources
    • Facilitating constructive dialogue among divergent interests within an organization or industry to arrive at shared understanding or plan of action
    • Facilitating shared understanding among key players in an organization of the constraints and opportunities as a first step in dealing with complicated challenges
    • RESOLVE has an extensive history in agricultural policy dialogue and development.

Examples of RESOLVE’s current and recent work include:

  • Convening industry, consumer advocates, and government officials to discuss and develop ideas for addressing critical issues in the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), including early foodborne illness outbreak consultation and water quality standards and testing protocols for produce
  • Facilitating discussions among federal and state government with grower and industry groups on the intersection of pesticide and endangered species regulation
  • Facilitation of a USDA and EPA jointly sponsored workshop to highlight research on toxicity testing on pollinator species
  • Facilitation of a series of workshops on governance of agricultural biotechnology, including USDA’s FACA committee on Agricultural Biotechnology in the 21st Century (AC21)
  • Facilitation of EPA’s Farm Ranch and Rural Communities federal advisory committee
  • Creation of an expert team to develop a blueprint for improving the implementation of watershed projects to improve water quality in agriculture
  • Serving as secretariat on a collaborative research effort among high level, international experts on the impacts and performance of voluntary sustainability standards and certification schemes for agriculture and other sectors

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