Louis Lebel, Chiang Mai University

Louis Lebel is the Director of the Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER), Faculty of Social Sciences, at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. He is also the Science Coordinator for the Southeast Asian Regional Committee (SARCS) for START (the Global Change SysTem for Analysis, Research, and Training).

Lebel conducts research on the environment and development at multiple scales, from work on the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in northern Thailand, and studies of shrimp aquaculture in Thailand and Vietnam, to comparative and regional studies in Southeast Asia, and at the global scale on the carbon cycle. His main areas of theoretical and applied interest are in: cross-scale interactions, institutions, linkages between social and ecological systems, production/consumption chains, sustainable development policy and politics.

Lebel also helps plan and coordinate international research through the Global Environmental Change Programmes, the Sustainability Science Initiative, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, and the Resilience Alliance. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Zoology at the University of Western Australia.


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