Steering Committee

The members of the Assessment Steering Committee are:

  • Mike Barry
    Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer
  • Ben Cashore
    Professor of Environmental Governance and Political Science
    Director, Forest Policy & Governance, Yale University
  • Jason Clay
    Senior Vice President, Market Transformation, World Wildlife Fund
  • Michael Fernandez
    Director of Public Policy & Global Partnerships, Mars, Incorporated
  • Louis Lebel
    Director, Social & Environmental Change
    Faculty of Social Services, Chiang Mai University
  • Tom Lyon
    Director, Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan
  • Patrick Mallet
    Credibility Director, ISEAL (Steering Committee Chair)
  • Kira Matus
    Lecturer in Public Policy and Management, London School of Economics
  • Peter Melchett
    Policy Director, Soil Association
  • Michael Vandenbergh
    Professor of Law, Tarkington Chair of Excellence, and Director of Environmental Law, Vanderbilt University
    Director, Climate Change Research Network
  • Jan Kees Vis
    Global Director, Sustainable Sourcing Development, Unilever
  • Tensie Whelan
    President, Rainforest Alliance

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