RESOLVE science – integral to mission

RESOLVE’s science program is central to our overall organizational focus. We are the leading facilitation company for technical and scientific issues. We believe that success in meeting environmental and human health issues depends critically on establishing the ‘best available science’

Science is one of the tools of progress

Information and innovation together provide opportunity. RESOLVE’s science program leads the way in helping our partners determine how best to synthesize and use information.

Scientific information needs to be useful

Technical materials can be challenging for non-specialists. Scientific experts are rarely trained in explaining the use and limits of their information. RESOLVE science leaders act as impartial translators between technical experts and decision-makers and stake-holders.

In-house capacity

RESOLVE believes that facilitating the use of scientific information in decision-making demands special skills. We have in-house scientific experts, who are skilled at facilitating discussions on advanced technical materials, and at the same time making these useful to non-scientists. We also have a roster of over 1,000 outside experts who form a ‘deep bench’ of expertise.

Boundary institution

Best scientific practice emphasizes neutrality of the facts, and transparent approaches. These are key elements in any discussion of issues where scientific information is important. At the same time, use of such information needs to be framed in appropriate governance structures, and balanced by economic, and other values. RESOLVE brings to such complex issues our unique strengths in science, governance design, and public engagement.