From its founding, RESOLVE has pioneered a knowledge-based approach to mediation. In areas such as resource use and environmental health, decision-makers must increasingly take count of complex technical information as well as multiple values of diverse stake-holders. Such scientific information needs to be developed by trusted technical experts, but it must also be available to and understandable by decision-makers.

Decision making balances knowledge and values. When partners attempt to solve problems together, they may or may not share the same values, but they must agree on information and knowledge. RESOLVE’s Collaborative Science Program is a path to that common understanding. We provide tools and capacity for diverse groups to work together, gather information, and find the scientific resources that support good collaborative decisions. From health issues to environmental regulation to fisheries or forest management, stakeholders always need reliable and useful information that all parties trust. Sometimes, good scientific resources are available. Often, however, interested parties cannot find reliable sources of information.

RESOLVE’s Collaborative Science Program connects knowledge users with impartial and independent scientists. We then facilitate the interaction between technical experts and knowledge users to provide lasting solutions.

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