Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a key piece of US environmental legislation, which has been at the center of many resource management controversies. RESOLVE believes that cooperative approaches to ESA implementation are essential, and that high-caliber science is a key element in establishing such cooperation. RESOLVE’s science program staff has more than 20 years’ experience of working with regulatory and action agencies, and with stake-holders from all sides of numerous ESA issues. We also proactively work with species that are not yet listed – our goal is to develop cooperative conservation solutions that are beneficial to all (see “Get to know your candidate”).

RESOLVE’s strong reputation for fairness and impartiality has allowed our staff to play key roles in:

  • Developing Section 10 (state or private party) conservation measures, including Habitat Conservation Plans, Candidate Conservation Agreements etc.
  • Designing and implementing research and monitoring programs
  • Deciding what constitutes ‘best available science’ for ESA decisions
  • Helping Tribal governments with ESA programs
  • Promoting ecosystem approaches to resource management
  • Facilitating Section 7 (inter-agency) negotiations

Significant achievements of RESOLVE staff have included:

  • Negotiating a multi-partner agreement, protecting 40,000 acres of old-growth Redwood, with payments to the landowner
  • Developing a novel approach to management of spotted owls and forests of the eastern Cascades, breaking an impasse of 20 years of disputes
  • Resolving conflicts on management of the Everglades system, which seemed to pit one endangered species needs against other species
  • Establishing whether controversial listing and de-listing proposed decisions were based on the best available science
  • Facilitating large-scale, long-term, multi-stakeholder agreements for major systems such as the Missouri River
    Facilitating clear application of the subspecies, DPS and ESU concepts

RESOLVE holds an IDIQ contract with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide impartial scientific analysis and review. This review process has successfully resolved numerous controversies.

RESOLVE staff have worked on numerous species and issues, including:

For information related to candidate species, see “Get to Know Your Candidate”.

In addition, RESOLVE’s Science Advisory Board has strong expertise in many ESA related issues, including Section 10 permitting for wind and other energy development, modeling of species’ population dynamics, and water management. Our Science Review Panels, with more than a 1, 000 scientists are a unique resource allowing us to address almost any issue that is raised under ESA.

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