Greater Sage Grouse

Greater Sage-Grouse are a widely distributed species, of growing conservation concern. Many factors may be contributing to a decline, inclusing invasive grasses, range management, fire, and predators. Many efforts (both federal and state-led) are currently attempting to improve conservation measures to avoid the necessity of listing (and widespread economic disruption in the interior West).

Likely economic and other impacts to: outdoor recreation and hunting, range-management, wind-power development, mining.

Status: USFWS has proposed the related Gunnison Sage Grouse for listing. The California and western Nevada population (Bi-state DPS) of Greater Sage-Grouse will be evaluated for listing in 2013/14, and the species as a whole in 2014/15.

As part of the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative, RESOLVE has led joint fact-finding and research efforts on the effects of wind energy development on sage grouse habitat. RESOLVE is currently leading a large-landscape planning effort in Nevada. This Habitat Conservation Plan/ CCA will protect many species in addition to Sage-Grouse

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