Landscape Conservation and Planning

We are realizing that ecosystem issues have to be addressed across manmade boundaries, which involves collaborative dialogues and partnerships of all the different political entities involves, as well as scientific disciplines. For example, a river watershed could stretch across multiple states, and management of the river’s ecosystem could fall on multiple federal, state, and local agencies.

RESOLVE has become an expert in facilitating large, multi-party, multi-state processes, managing both the policy and science sides of the conversation.

Selected RESOLVE projects:

Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee
RESOLVE was asked in 2009 to facilitate the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC), a 78-member committee and its multiple workgroups. MRRIC is an ongoing collaborative forum for the Missouri River basin stakeholders to develop recommendations for the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service on the prioritization, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and adaption of recovery actions in the Missouri River and its tributaries. MRRIC documents and work products are available here.

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