Citizen Science

A number of agencies have implemented citizen-based science programs where members of the public contribute observational and collected data. Members of the public for instance contribute observations of invasive species, pollution sources, etc. to larger databases that collectively inform policy-decision making.

Due to the “mob” nature of citizen science, it is vitally important that a verification system is put into place to validate submitted observations. RESOLVE has extensive experience in the design and implementation of such quality control measures, and in empowering citizen scientists who see that their results count.

RESOLVE has strong ties with researchers and academics that also benefit from citizen science efforts. RESOLVE is currently developing an online collective mapping tool that would facilitate such citizen science efforts to collect data with a geographical component. This tool is highly customizable and can handle a variety of data.

RESOLVE is also facilitating a process around citizen science programs through the Continental Dialogue. We are helping the Citizen-Based Pest Survey Initiative participants inventory existing citizen science programs, and develop a toolkit to help new citizen science programs get started.

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