Other Services

RESOLVE’s Collaborative Technology Program offers a variety of trainings, along with other customized services to support collaboration.

In-House Collaborative Technology Trainings:

RESOLVE offers in-house collaborative technology trainings and technology assessments that are tailored to an individual organization’s unique needs. Trainings use our in-person Integrating Collaborative Technology: Multi-party Processes training as a foundation for customizing your training.

Collaborative Technology Assessments:

RESOLVE’s Collaborative Technology Program supports a variety of different processes – ranging in size, substance, timeframe, and more! As a first step for each of our projects, we perform a Technology Assessment to evaluate unique project needs, identify opportunities to integrate collaborative technology, outline specific design considerations for that technology, and implement the technologies. From our experience, performing a Technology Assessment hand-in-hand with our partners provides a unique capacity building and learning opportunity. For more information on a consultation, or to partner on a Technology Assessment please contact us here.

Customized Organizational Consultations and Coaching:

One of the core principles of RESOLVE Collaborative Technology Program is capacity building. To help organizations assess their current capacity and identify opportunities for improvement, RESOLVE offers consultations (usually available in 4-hour blocks) to work directly with an organization to assess opportunities to integrate technology into your work. We organize consultations and coaching sessions to provide the foundation for your organization to leverage collaborative technology independently of contractors. Through our own project work, we stay on top of the latest-and-greatest so you don’t have to. 

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