To connect returns on investment of business with the survival of nature.

Vision Nature Means Business

To reveal the common ground between business, civil society, science, religion, culture and policy reformers.

The need for A Transition Agenda is illuminated by the following questions:

1. If coal and oil cost their true prices based on new financial rules, how will that  melt down the economy?

2. If coal and oil continue to be under priced, how will that melt down the environment?

Connecting financial and environmental debt will require a rewiring of the economy. Business large and small can provide security for most of the world; business must thrive in order to have global stability; unless business respects the laws of nature, it will suffer along with the rest of us. Until we connect the profitability of business with the survival of the natural world, we will not be able to balance real profits with real losses.

Change can only occurs when individuals stand up and take the lead. In recent years, there are increasing numbers of corporate executives, engineers and accountants who have demonstrated tremendous courage and creativity as they address environmental problems. Changing the conversation about government and corporate spending policies is one of the first order of business.

A Transition Agenda

Each of us can now influence the course of events that will either preserve or destroy the natural world as well as our economic stability. Wherever you work, within business, government or in your life as a private citizen, you are the nucleus for the change needed in the world.

Why don’t we change the rules so that corporations can change operations that address both our financial and environmental problems.

“We can recapture the excitement of achieving what feels impossible”

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