The Nature Means Business Framework reveals the path to solutions. If pollution is no longer free and businesses are responsible for the long-term consequences of their actions, then renewable options are cost-competitive. Taking the long view will lead to energy sources other than fossil fuels.

Twenty-first century clean energy infrastructure, energy efficiency upgrades and low-intensive agriculture are both the solution to the current employment crisis and the best way to lower our environmental debt. If we can build a strong infrastructure (including smart grid and new storage capacity technology), these “free” fuels (wind, sun, geothermal, wave) may become quite cheap in the future. But don’t let anyone tell you the getting there will be cheap or easy. It will not.

“Energy is an issue that is simultaneously public and private.”

We know that as individuals we are the central players in lowering energy demand. Weather it’s from weatherizing our buildings, using energy monitoring devices on our appliances, lowering the volume on heat and air conditioning, or by driving fewer miles in your car by walking, riding bikes, and taking mass transit.

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