The Nature Means Business (NMB) framework is designed to help identify, quantify and then decrease our environmental debt load by recalibrating the underlying assumptions of our financial transactions. The NMB framework aims to incorporate environmental costs into the Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) of  every product and investment. Defining and monetizing COGS is step one in the quest for true profits. It is critical to ensure that short-term gains are not achieved at the expense of longer-term financial and environmental security.

Numerous reports have been written on long-term policy reforms needed in each of these areas. These reports come from organizations and experts from various political and ideological perspectives. But our task is not to write another policy tome. Instead, for each of these issues, we’ll simply ask this: with regard to the Transition Agenda, what are some catalyzing actions where the public, private and individual sectors can incorporate the three NMB principles into the economic foundations of food, water and energy?


  1. Energy
  2. Food & Water
  3. Waste



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