PPA May 7, 2015 Alignment Meeting Summary and Documents Now Available

Jun 26, 2015

On 7 May, 2015, the PPA Governance Committee convened the seventh Alignment Session to share information, answer questions, and document progress and challenges on alignment, in particular the following issues:

  • Implementation of the Regional Certification Mechanism (RCM), including reports from Member States (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda), ICGLR, and system operators;
  • Understanding needs and opportunities for getting conflict-free, artisanal gold from the GLR to market; and
  • Discussion of opportunities to collaborate and strengthen the implementation, alignment, and credibility of the RCM.

The summary for the meeting is available in English and French.

Materials shared at or following the meeting are available (or will be posted when available) below:

ICGLR will share

DRC Government will share:

  • Joseph Ikoli’s alignment meeting remarks
  • Document on number of ICGLR certificates issued, by mineral

PROMINES will share:

  • AGC study for PROMINES on potential ASM mine sites for mercury mitigation pilots

iTSCi handout

BGR will share:

Tetra Tech will share

  • IMCA needs assessment (EN) (FR)
  • IMCA implementation table created at April workshop with next steps to be incorporated into implementation plan (once approved by ICGLR) (and the implementation plan once approved)
  • Gold assessment
  • Compiled definitions of ‘mine site’ from various laws and standards in region

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