PPA Releases Independent Assessment of Responsible Sourcing Programs

Aug 18, 2015

On August 18, the PPA released a report by Estelle Levin Ltd. detailing the findings from an independent assessment of three responsible sourcing initiatives – a Solutions for Hope tantalum pilot, a KEMET tantalum pilot, and the Conflict Free Tin Initiative pilot in October 2012.

Among its many findings, the assessment concluded that these programs:

  • Demonstrated and communicated “proof of concept” for viability and value of sourcing tin and tantalum from the DRC
  • Provided a platform for global-local engagement
  • Demonstrated a business case for responsible sourcing of tin and tantalum
  • Highlighted misunderstandings and mismatched expectations
  • Demonstrated the importance of identification and transparent collection of baseline data
  • Offered examples of community partnership and beneficiation
  • Highlighted broader challenges relating to ASM and governance

These findings are discussed in more detail in the report, as well as a statement from the PPA Governance Committee on key takeaways and highlights from the assessment. These materials are now posted on the PPA website.

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