PPA Launches Grants on Gold Trade and Regional Ombuds Role (IMCA)

Jun 30, 2016

The PPA initiated two new grants in the first half of 2016. A grant to the ICGLR will support the first year of the office of the Independent Mineral Chain Auditor (IMCA), which serves as ombuds to investigate concerns about implementation or fraud within the Regional Certification Mechanism. The focus of this first year, however, will be to build the capacity of the office by developing systems and relationships that must be in place for investigations to occur. Dr. Jean Didier Losango was appointed on March 1, and the grant will continue through February of 2017.

A second grant was approved to IPIS to pilot a system to collect, assimilate, and disseminate information on gold mining and trade (including OECD conformance) by civil society actors and state agents in and around two major gold trading hubs in the DRC. The project kicked off in April and is expected to continue through early summer 2017. A first report is expected this summer and will be made available to PPA members.

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