2017 PPA Member Meeting Confirms Priorities for 2018 and Beyond

PPA members met on October 18th alongside Responsible Mineral Initiative’s (formerly CFSI) annual conference in Santa Clara, California. 26 members attended, with representation from supply chain entities, civil society organizations, and government partners. The group reflected on accomplishments and achievements from Phase 1 and agreed to the following priority outcomes for Phase 2:

  • Increased awareness of alignment needs, strategies, and responses to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of due diligence and governance efforts;
  • Key upstream barriers to effective due diligence systems and responsible minerals sourcing are identified and addressed; and
  • Improved access to high quality, independent information on upstream supply chains to bolster due diligence, incident response, and reporting.

Participants explored ideas for priority activities and outputs to achieve the above outcomes, as well as additional resources and knowledge needed, early suggestions for the PPA’s organization in the short- and long-term, and ways to expand impact through coordination with other organizations.

A summary of the meeting is forthcoming and will be emailed to members and posted on the website when available. RESOLVE will continue to work with members and an incoming Governance Committee to develop a 2018 work plan and further flesh out the formal Results Framework to articulate the PPA’s theory of change and guide future prioritization and decision making.

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