PPA May 1, 2017 Alignment Meeting Summary and Documents

Jul 13, 2017

On 1 May, 2017, the PPA Governance Committee convened the ninth Alignment Session to share information, answer questions, and document progress and challenges on alignment, in particular the following issues:

  • Identifying potential gaps and opportunities – in an evolving regulatory environment – to sustain progress in implementation of the Regional Certification Mechanism (RCM) in an evolving regulatory environment;
  • Opportunities to collaborate and strengthen the implementation, alignment, and credibility of the RCM.
  • Opportunities to enhance sharing of due diligence data and other information between upstream and downstream actors
  • Key barriers and potential policies, practices and other solutions to support legal artisanal mining within national and regional requirements and frameworks

The summary of the meeting will soon be available in English.

Materials shared at or following the meeting are available (or will be posted when available) below:


  • Links to reports on mine management, inspection data, licensing information, 3rd party audit results for exporters from Rwanda Natural Resources Authority
  • Links to BGR bulletins, audit results, and arrêtés related to validation missions in DRC.


  • Provide links to BSP dashboards for DRC and Rwanda.


Global Witness:

  • Forthcoming report analyzing 2015 Step 5 reports from companies sourcing 3Ts from the Great Lakes Region.
  • Report on threats to civil society (English | French)


  • Draft revision of the revised RCM Certification Manual (expected to start process in September 2017). This process will include stakeholder consultation; participants expressed interest in receiving updates on this process when possible and noted it as an opportunity to address alignment issues with complementary regional due diligence systems.


  • 2015 Step 5 reports posted to website (2016 coming soon)
  • An overview of a systemic review of 2011-2016 incidents – including incident type, reporting, mitigation, and follow-up (circulated in advance of this meeting and linked here)
  • Local/provincial/national committee reports (available on the website)


  • Responsible Artisanal Gold Solutions Forum Year 1 Lessons Learned (circulated prior to this meeting and linked here)
  • A forthcoming due diligence toolkit from the Responsible Artisanal Gold Solutions Forum, developed by Partnership Africa Canada, Tetra Tech (with support from BSP), PAMP, and RESOLVE

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IPIS Phase 2 Progress Report Released

Jun 22, 2017

In April 2016, the PPA granted funds to the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) to implement a pilot monitoring system for gold production and trade in eastern DRC. IPIS has released the Phase 2 Progress Report, which can be viewed here. Findings include the need to graft implementation on the local context, by adapting methodologies to specific circumstances, environments, and partners; the importance of local capacity enhancement, such as anchoring artisanal mining monitoring within rural areas; and the central role of due diligence monitoring, which is necessary to satisfy formal criteria like OECD Guidance, and requires dynamic flexibility within less accessible areas of the Eastern Congo. The project team plans to use these reflections to guide their transition into Phase 3 of system implementation. The report also details how the project team finalized data collection, assimilation, and pilot implementation through local outreach and capacity building.

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2017 PPA Secretariat Funded by IOM

Jun 22, 2017

PPA member International Organization for Migration (IOM), through the USAID-funded Responsible Minerals Trade Program, has made a grant to RESOLVE to support the PPA Secretariat in 2017. These resources fund RESOLVE’s work to lead strategic planning including Phase 2 scoping, engage and support the Governance Committee, oversee grantees and manage grants, plan and facilitate member meetings and work group calls, and convene regional stakeholders to address challenges in due diligence system alignment. IOM’s support to RESOLVE enables private sector contributions to directly support grants to in-region organizations engaging directly on the ground.

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Save the Date – 2017 PPA Annual Member Meeting

Jun 22, 2017

Looking ahead to Phase 2, please save the date for the 6th annual PPA Member Meeting on Wednesday, October 18. As with last year, the meeting is planned to coincide with the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CSFI) meeting in Santa Clara, California, to maximize attendance and minimize travel burdens. More details are forthcoming.

For those that missed it, the November 2016 PPA Member Meeting summary can be found here.

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Highlighting PPA Contributions to Responsible Minerals Trade

Jun 22, 2017

Since 2011, PPA has established itself as a unique and important platform for bolstering progress on responsible sourcing from the GLR of Africa. RESOLVE has developed a document detailing the PPA’s impacts, which can be found here. Successful areas of work include direct funding of five in-region projects to promote tools and action on responsible sourcing and minerals development; complementing government efforts to promote a responsible minerals trade; and facilitating tough and timely discussions among key regional and international leaders and stakeholders in government, business, and civil society to align tools and systems.

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Preparing for PPA Phase 2

Jun 22, 2017

In its first 5 years, the PPA has made important strides in supporting supply chain solutions to conflict minerals challenges in the Great Lakes Region (GLR) of Africa. While the PPA memorandum of understanding (MOU) expires in August of this year, members from all sectors have expressed interest in renewing the partnership for a Phase 2. Revisions and updates to the current MOU are in progress with the US State Department and USAID and will be shared with all PPA members. RESOLVE is also coordinating outreach to members and potential Phase 2 partners to drive the planning process for this second phase. Key draft Phase 2 outcomes are to address the upstream barriers to due diligence, further increase alignment between regional and international actors and systems, and improve access to high-quality, independent information to bolster due diligence, incident reporting and follow-up, and reporting.

Members will soon receive a more detailed email with the Phase 2 transition and action items, and a full PPA webinar is planned for 22 June to review Phase 2 steps and to seek input on Phase 2 goals and outcomes. A summary of basic information on Phase 2 plans, including draft ideas on Phase 2 goals and outcomes, can be found here. Members are also welcome to contact Jen Peyser ( or Taylor Kennedy ( with any questions or suggestions.

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PPA Makes Grant to Regional NGO to Support Mine Site Demilitarization

Jun 16, 2017

Effective May 1, PPA has awarded a new grant to the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in the Great Lakes Region (COSOC-GL), which will be used to build awareness of the importance of demilitarization of mine sites. COSOC’s work will include direct workshops and a radio campaign targeting members of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC), civil society, and citizens in critical sectors of South Kivu – one of DRC’s most conflicted-affected provinces. COSOC’s outline of expected project impacts and outcomes will soon be posted to the website.

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GC Convenes 9th Alignment Meeting at OECD

Jun 16, 2017

On Monday, May 1, the PPA Governance Committee convened its 9th “alignment meeting.” The PPA convenes these meetings regularly among ICGLR member states, due diligence system operators, supply chain actors, and civil society. These meetings have become a go-to forum for highlighting and identifying a path forward for technical and policy coordination gaps, as well as a mechanism for information sharing and follow-up on cross-sector commitments. A meeting summary is being finalized and will be posted to RESOLVE’s website shortly; information from prior meetings is also available.

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Excellence in Collective Action Award Presented to the PPA

Jun 16, 2017

In 2015, USAID’s Center for Transformational Partnerships awarded the Excellence in Collective Action award to the PPA. The accompanying award (pictured) was officially presented early this year.

The award nomination materials highlighted PPA’s support of on-the-ground projects and described the PPA as “a multi-stakeholder group committed to using market forces to reform the sector and promote sustainable, conflict-free mineral supply chains that will promote good governance and development in the region.” The nomination also recognized the PPA as “a forum through which members and other stakeholders can discuss shared challenges, brainstorm solutions and share the risk of taking on challenges that have always been viewed as too difficult for one organization to address on its own.”

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Request for Proposals Posted – Responses Due Nov 2!

Oct 6, 2016

Today the PPA posted a call for proposals to: 1) build capacity for improved health, safety, and economic empowerment in artisanal mining communities; 2) strengthen upstream independent monitoring via civil society and upstream engagement; and/or 3) measure impacts of due diligence. The full RfP is posted on the PPA website. Responses are due on Wednesday, November 2.

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