Joining the PPA

The PPA is comprised of Participants from corporate, government, and civil society sectors. PPA Participants are committed to collaboratively achieving the objectives of the PPA. Multi-stakeholder representation is one the primary strengths of the PPA and key attribute of decision-making. PPA members experience many benefits associated with participation, outlined here.

The PPA encourages interested organizations to inquire about membership. The PPA membership process includes an expression of interest, a due diligence process, signature of the MOU, and other process requirements. If your organization is interested in PPA participation, please contact Margaret Lee at RESOLVE. Below are links to the PPA MOU and Expression of Intent. A list of participating organizations can be found here.

  • PPA Expression of Intent (EN) - The Expression of Intent document is a vehicle for organizations to indicate their interest in joining the PPA, pending full review and signature of the Memorandum of Understanding. In addition to indicating your organization’s interest, this document outlines the membership process. Completed and signed forms should be returned to Margaret Lee at RESOLVE.
  • PPA Memorandum of Understanding (EN) - The PPA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is the official document for review and signature by all prospective Participants after undergoing the full process detailed in the Expression of Intent. Participants who would like to take part in the PPA are asked to review and return the signed document to Taylor Kennedy at RESOLVE.

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