Work Groups

PPA Work Groups address specific issues and create proposals, working in conjunction with and making recommendations to the Governance Committee. The PPA currently has two work groups, listed below with their charges.

In-region Work Group
  • Develop a process and timeline for soliciting potential projects through a call for proposals.
  • Consider, evaluate, prioritize, and recommend in-region projects for PPA funding.
  • Oversee project progress, review project reports, and offer feedback to grantees.
  • Update the PPA Work Plan based on work group activities.
Communications and Membership Work Group
  • Lead the drafting and execution of external communications, including information sharing and reporting as well as opportunities for engagement and seeking external stakeholder input.
  • Review the communications-specific sections of the PPA Participation and Governance Protocols and make revision recommendations.
  • Update and maintain the PPA website in coordination with the Facilitator/website host.
  • Support recruitment of new participants through outreach activities, including targeting other relevant types of members (diversifying sectors and regions). Expand PPA funding to reach work plan resource needs.
  • Support new participant vetting and orientation.
  • Update the PPA Work Plan based on work group activities.

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